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Sparks from a ProductTank

I’ve really enjoyed this talk from And Young from Stripe. First of all thank to get me know Stripe, I will probably consider to use it in my current project. I list below the insight I’ve got from this talks: 1) Make the team more involved, responsible and committed electing every week one person who will be responsible to take care of a certain task, so that he will have to know better the product and talk with all the other person of the company. Stripe named this game the…read more


The Product Tree – funny product management template

I just went through a very nice article from¬†Janna Bastow¬†blog, describing an exercise to review the product roadmap. http://www.prodpad.com/2013/10/growing-your-product-tree-free-product-management-template/ It is a game to play with you team to brainstorm around new features and ideas on the product, organize them in product branches and than extract a cleaner vision simply pruning a tree Love it! I’d like to try this game with my team Janna mentioned the source of this idea, which bring me to this innovating company, Innovation Games. These amazing guys develops game to support the innovation process!


Nothing Happens Until Someone Sells Something

Very effective and interesting topic presented on a AIPMM webinar by Tom Evans. A lot of practices I usually adopt in my daily work but very well organized here in an effective presentation as a pragmatic methodology easier to adopt. Especially the idea of Product Backgrounder sheet and the Needs Discovery guide!