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Learning English – The BBC resources

The first thing you probably catch about me reading this first row is a poor English level. I’m sure I would be able to collapse this sentence in just 5 effective words if I had a good English! There is a huge amount of material on the web to support English studies, from learning communities (my favorite is¬†Busuu), professional premium sites but also a lot free resources. But is not always simple to find a good quality free resource on the web, in general. It doesn’t exist the perfect resource…read more



First of all, let me introduce myself. I’ve just decided to setup this blog as a personal media to say what I have to say, about me and my thoughts. I feel the need to have a place to log my experience, my interests and ideas, but also to share them (if anyone will never casually bump into this web site..). I’m not really interested of talking about me here, social networks already tell pretty well my story, my hobby, my life. To be honest I’m not also a very…read more