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My takeways form 37Signals’s books

I was really engaged by 37signal company philosophy in the last month, I definitely love their model and what they built in this last 10 years! I just finished both their two books, Getting Real and Rework. I would have discovered them before! It is really amazing how a book from 2003 is still so actual! Both are really effective, synthetic collection of suggestions and insight about how to develop a web apps in a smarter, effective and easier way, while demystifying many assumption about the best practice, as supposed…read more


Envisioning the product – most insightful highlights from Roman Pichler’s book

Some weeks ago I’ve read a book: “Agile Product Management with Scrum“, by Roman Pichler. It is a small but brilliant practical book focusing on agile Product Management with Scrum, with a focus on the the Product Owner’s tasks. After going trough several other books and references in the past weeks, and I recon that there are lots of books out there where the author just offers a looong list of options, still leaving me confused. Not so with this book. So I decided to review my kindle highlights on this book I…read more