Sparks from a ProductTank

I’ve really enjoyed this talk from And Young from Stripe. First of all thank to get me know Stripe, I will probably consider to use it in my current project.
I list below the insight I’ve got from this talks:

1) Make the team more involved, responsible and committed electing every week one person who will be responsible to take care of a certain task, so that he will have to know better the product and talk with all the other person of the company. Stripe named this game the “run” and it is probably different from what I got, but it was actually a good spark

2) There are many collaboration tools and platforms around, all of them quite different from each other, each of them does something better than the others. It is hard to select one. Of course you should start from you requirements, but sometime is not easy also to catch the real idea behind the need of setting up an internal collaboration tool. Sometime it can be let the information spread easily to everyone, or it could be to reduce the amount of internal email, to try to have less meeting, to have an unified and controllable communication tool. My idea here is still to get the people more motivated and involved in the process. Share with others what you are working on and show how proud you are about your daily achievement, have a look to what the others are working on, be aligned and maybe help the others sharing your ideas. Hackpad, G+, maybe Jabber can fit your needs.

3) Open e-mail. I’ve never considered this option before. Andy Young in the video explain that at Stripe everyone can see the email of each others. Isn’t that crazy? Not at all, think about how many problems it can solve.. There is a nice article in their blog talking about that and also explaining how to implement it in practice.

4) Everyone can ship. In a software company with 50% of engineers and developers, shipping mean committing feature to the product release. Allowing everyone to ship feature is a dream! Of course you have to trust everyone in the team, but it also motivate and commit each member a lot! It could not be so simple for all company to adopt this approach, maybe also for technical or security reasons. So, here my idea: why do not enable everyone to really sell the product? Take part on the sales at least once, maybe just trying to sell it to your neighbour..