Does Social network take the place of Blogs?

I spent my lasts weeks on LinkedIn, doing business networking with interesting people. I could talk and get  in touch with more people on LinkedIn in one week than on Facebook in one year.  Of course there are more possibility to met them on a face-to-face meeting than most of my Facebook friends..

I found LinkedIn more addictive than other social. Maybe because there are more person dealing with my same problem all the day, and it is a good point to start a conversation, of course you have something to share, maybe something useful.

Moreover, the groups really collect people with the same interest and problems. And you get much more feedbacks here because everyone want to be noticed. I also discovered that there are some people that for job stay on LinkedIn all the day, creating business relationship, or sponsoring events.

So, at the end, I was asking to myself, why should I spent time writing an article that nobody will read on this blog?

Because I’m free here.