Learning English – The BBC resources

The first thing you probably catch about me reading this first row is a poor English level.
I’m sure I would be able to collapse this sentence in just 5 effective words if I had a good English!

There is a huge amount of material on the web to support English studies, from learning communities (my favorite isĀ Busuu), professional premium sites but also a lot free resources. But is not always simple to find a good quality free resource on the web, in general.

It doesn’t exist the perfect resource for everyone, we have different learning approach and different English level and capabilities.

Today I just want to advise the BBC Learning English project. It has a lot of resources for any English level, from the grammar to the speaking and listening material. As many of us, I have no time to go on the web site, search for some material and spend time on it online. This is the reason because I like the audio file, I can download them on my iPod and listen them on my free time, in car, train or while walking.

Personally I’m not really used to use Podcast, so I prefer to download directly all the material and I use it offline, but the website has a good podcast service.
My favorite program is the 6 Minute English, an audio series which release a pill of 6 minute every week where two people talks about an interesting topic including grammar rules, listening exercises, new words explanation and speaking tips. You can subscribe to the podcast here.