A rainy afternoon discoveries

A couple of hours spent on browsing in a raining afternoon, starting from a curious post in a likedin group up to…  what? I can’t remember the path and the steps I followed to get here, it could be an amazing story if I was able to remember it… As usual.  The result? 2 or 3 interesting thing I want to remember here.


Actually, I discovered it becouse I was following this page  and I simply tried to type the raw domain on the browser,..
This online service let you to easily create you own news paper without any editing. You can easily select your sources, from RSS, Twitter, Faceboo, and Paper.li will arrange automatically a daily or weekly paper. I’m going to try it build my personal paper and use it as a HUB of sources I usually go through in a day.

Splash That
This online service allow yo create really effective and powerful web site for events.  I love their web site.
Apart the amazing web design of pages you can build easily, it includes also interaction and business tool to address typical conferences and event needs. I hope to try it one day, maybe for a big party :-)